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Here are some of the places Michael has played at this year:

This is what some people have said:

"We had a great wedding in Phuket. Michael was organised and showed attention to the fine details. He got the party started and kept it going all night. All ages loved his music so that’s really a credit to him."

-Matthew and Lolita (wedding)


"As a part owner of a bar, the stakeholders are always looking to make smart investments. Michael helped bring in a fantastic crowd. Our patrons loved the performance and the bar made a significant return. We look forward to Michael visiting us again"

- Vimalan (Guest DJ appearance)

"We had a crazy but unforgettable night in Phuket. As lovers of house and R&B music, Michael catered to our tastes nicely. He is not only an exceptional DJ but also a polite and genuine person. We were really glad we found him"

-Dion (stag party)

We were suitably impressed with Michael’s ability to play South African music as well as general hits that we love. South African parties are not easy to do at the best of times. I was surprised that we had so many partiers in our group!

-Linda (corporate function)

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